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Inventions that changed the world.

In today’s special we are happy to share our interview with the respected inventor and design superstar, the creator of Parametric. We visited her at her modest home and spoke about how it all started. Did you know that it’s already been 50 years since this life-changing invention for humankind was created? Sit back, breathe deeply and enjoy.

See the Making of pictures here.

Concept Parametric: Terezie Lexová
Directed by: Jakub Jirásek
Executive Producer: Petra Ondřejková

Producer: Bjela Hrábková
Production Manager: Natálie Majvaldová
DoP: Tomáš Frkal

1st AD: Janek Palovský
Art Direction: Ondřej Šorm
Production Designer: Stella Soňková
Costume Designer: Jakub Polanka
Edible Prop: Cukrář Skála

Editor: Alan Sýs
Post Production: Cinesco
CGI: Jan Reeh
Sound Designer: Míra Chaloupka
Cast: Miloslava Lauermanová

Client: McDonald`s CZ

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