Peter Ehrenberger

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What is your favorite movie scene and why?
Jeez. There’s so many. At this moment, what comes to my mind while having my morning coffee is the “Finding The Tiger Shark” scene in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. There is just something magical, melancholic and beautiful about it. I love that scene. And the movie.

What advice would you give your younger self before stepping into the industry?
Read and meditate as much as you can. Listen to your deepest instincts and say NO whenever you feel something’s not right.

If you had to choose another profession in the crew, what would it be?
EP, DoP, editor, screenwriter, sound designer, runner… I’m flexible like a Himalayan yogi.

What do you consider your professional strengths?
I don’t think about myself much, but I’m very passionate about everything I do. I’m all in. Is that a professional strength?? Maybe:)

What would you wanna do for a living if it had to be outside the film industry?
I love to spend time outdoors, so I think I would go for a mountain guide. Mountain guide and environmentalist. Yeah, definitely an environmentalist.

You have to cast Barack Obama in a commercial of your choice. What product/client would you choose?
In this scenario, it would be fair to sit down, have a beer with him, and ask which brand/product he wants to stand for. I’m just a director.

What people usually don’t know about your profession?
How much fun it is (sometimes) and how challenging it is (always).

What do you like most about your profession?
The diversity of people I work with and the thrill to do something extraordinary that comes with every new project.

Peter was a graphic designer who preferred pictures that move. So he became a director. And quite a picky one. He doesn’t work on concepts he finds meaningless. What’d you expect from someone who spent 6 years making films for the United Nations? Annoying the audience with dull product selling is Peter’s worst nightmare. His works always appeal to the human core: through powerful storytelling, bold visuals or a pinch of humour. 

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Peter Ehrenberger
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what was the biggest fuck-up that happened on set?

Once we crashed into a chandelier with a Russian arm, the Alexa fell to the ground... The lens was broken, the Russian arm was broken - and of course, it happened during the last take when the client wanted to shoot one more version.

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