We are an ego–friendly company designed by and for people who like fun in life. Established in 2015, Amazing is an independent film production in Prague. We do commercials, films, branded content and creative direction.

               To give these fancy words some shape, check out a few examples of our work such as some ad picks, film bits or pieces of our creativity.

               Since we are proudly old, we pass our knowledge on. Together with APA, we run the Young Directors project, sharing our skills and hacks with young directors (obviously). Ok, sometimes we envy them their youth, but it’s fairly fulfilling.

               Working with our all-star director’s team is fulfilling too, of course. There’s this chemistry you have with some people whereas with others you don’t. We click with directors who don’t misinterpret professionality as limiting their weird fantasies. Sounds like you? Get in touch.

               Anyway, this isn’t just about us. Everything we’ve ever done results from a collaboration of numerous folks who do their job right. And if sometimes they don’t, nobody freaks out. Job is just a piece of… life. You see? We are Amazing. Together We Are Great!





Folks we love to work with:

Filip Malásek / Robota Editor David Jančar AD Shakir Hafoudh AD Henrich Boráros PD Radek Hanák PD Ondřej Boček Gaffer Tomáš Smrček Line Producer Jana Kapounová Stylist Boban Dvořák Line Producer Elisabeth Eloy Production Manager Richard Havlíček Grip Adriana Bartošová Make up Petr Staněk Editor R.U.R. Post Production Soundsquare Sound Design Vantage Camera Rental Vivid Casting Stellar Sound Jakub Polanka Fashion Designer Sons Film Locations Magic Lab Post production FL Props Bio Films Camera Rental Fančík Constructions Terezie Dvořáková Costume designer Four Season Travel Accommodation Fauna Film Animal Handlers Vít Petrášek SFX Arri Rental Grip Štěpán Svoboda DIT




Petra Ondřejková
Founder and Executive Producer
Petra comes from Ostrava. If this city doesn’t ring a bell to you, the next ones might: Prague, where she founded Bistro Films in 2004, and New York, where she moved five years later. In 2012, Petra became a managing director of the Caviar’s Prague office. And in 2015, she established Amazing. Her scope is infinite – she can produce anything from a motion picture to a book, often winning awards for it (Cannes Lions, Golden Drum, Clio Ad and others). All that caring about what matters: educating aspiring creators in Young Directors project and educating herself at the College of Psychosocial Studies where she might grasp her insanely creative spirit. Read more.



Bjela Hrábková
Bjela was born in Prague but spent her childhood in Holland. When she returned to her homeland after the Velvet Revolution, she got into production and never quit. As for Amazing, she’s been on the board from the very beginning. She’s worked as a PA, post-pro manager, directors’ researcher, producer, creative assistant and who the hell can remember all the positions she’s gone through. She just knows well what she does. Read more

If you want to say hi or need anything,
feel free to contact us: hello@amazingcompany.cz

Or call Bjela: +420 602-257-360
Or come by: U studánky 651/14,
170 00, Prague 7
Czech Republic