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A Sort of guidebook from the heart of Europe

The first issue aimed to shed some light on the undercurrent of Bohemian culture and identity. It covers both forgotten gems of the past as well as overlooked phenomena of today – from the obscure design of Zapa concrete plants through Moravian synth manufacturer to amateur cyberporn. The text is accompanied by a system of visual and textual hyperlinks that further outline the context of the subjects.

Scroll down for an awesome Czech mix by OOZLUM!

Color, 250 x 176mm, 120 pages, soft cover, edition of 250.

Lucie Sedláková
Tomáš Bilina
Matyáš Chochola
Jiří Makovec
Tomáš Brabec
Vít Svoboda
Creative Direction: Ondřej Šorm
Translation: Lucie Mikolajková, Andrea Svobodová
Publiser: Amazing Books

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